Yoga Podcast with the JivaDiva
Yoga Podcast with the Alanna, the Jivadiva, Jivamukti Yoga Teacher
JivaDiva Yoga Jam 7 Min. Meditation *Let Go* 7 minutes of your precious time is all it takes to transform your day, your attitude and your outlook on life. Take time to sit and meditate as Alanna guides you through a simple meditation session that will allow you to see who you really are. Enjoy your meditation practice. Namaste.
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JivaJam Yoga Series *Backbends* 20 Min. Yoga Session Backed by her own music, Alanna's JivaJam Series is sure to uplift your day by guiding you through a spiritually and physically challenging yoga practice. This 20 minute session focuses on backbends and peaks in Urdhva Dhanurasana, Upward Facing Bow posture. Previous yoga experience, and a strong, healthy body recommended. Enjoy your practice. Namaste!
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JivaJam Yoga Series *Intermediate* 20 Min. Yoga Session This innovative 20 minute yoga series is the perfect 'in-between' session that bridges the beginner and other JivaJam sessions. Alanna skillfully guides you into simple sun salutations, grounding standing poses and even an inversion to help you build strength and confidence in your growing yoga practice. Visit for more information. Enjoy your practice, Namaste!

JivaDiva Yoga Jam 5 Min. Lecture *Satya* Satya is the practice of truthfulness. But, what is truth? Alanna illuminates this basic practice of the ashtanga yoga path as outlined by patanjali in the yoga sutras. Figure out how to apply satya in your everyday life with this clear, and concise lecture. Namaste!
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JivaDiva Yoga *MOVIE* Arm-balance re-release, 20 Min. Yoga Video 95 MB Video File. Alanna's first yoga video release! Watch as she moves through sun-salutations, arm balances, and backbends giving you a clear idea of the poses and how to move into them. This is the video re-release of her very popular arm balance podcast. Quicktime is the recommended viewing software as it is a .mov file. For more information, please visit Class led by Alanna, Advanced Certified Jivamukti Instructor. Special thanks to Earth Shoes for their friendship and unending support the last few years. Thanks to fabulous clothes by Foat Designs. Enjoy your practice, Namaste!
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