Yoga Podcast with the JivaDiva
Yoga Podcast with the Alanna, the Jivadiva, Jivamukti Yoga Teacher
JivaDiva Yoga Jam *3 Gunas* Qualities of our world, lecture with Alanna, Jivamukti Instructor The 3 gunas are an essential piece of information in exploring yoga philosophy.  Alanna enlightens you to the qualities of our world, how to recognize them, and what it means to finally transcend them.  For more information, visit  Namaste!
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JivaDiva Yoga Jam *Morning Practice* with Alanna, Jivamukti Instructor This complete 20 minute practice will help to start your day off right.  Alanna leads you through sun salutations, standing poses, backbends and headstand, and completes the sequence with a nice, long shavasana.  This vigorous and challenging sequence will set a perfect intention for your day.  Please check with your doctor before beginning any form of exercise, and make sure you are happy and healthy before doing this sequence.  Enjoy, Namaste!
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JivaDiva Yoga Jam *Compassion Meditation* with Alanna, Jivamukti Instructor Let Alanna, the JivaDiva, guide you through a simple 7 minute meditaion designed to bring more kindness and compassion into your life.  For more information, please visit <A href=""></A>.
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This lecture by Sharon Gannon, co-creator of Jivamukti Yoga was recorded live at the Yoga Journal Conference in Estes Park.  Sharon asked me to release it as a podcast.  It is my honor to have Sharon's lecture as part of the JivaDiva Yoga jam, and I hope her talk on kindness and non-violence leaves you inspired and strengthened.  Enjoy!  Namaste.
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